All Hail K'hoji, Secret Ruler of the Klingon Empire!

K'hoji, the secret ruler of the Klingon Empire, made a rare public appearance at Marcon 33, a large science fiction convention held in Columbus, Ohio, in May of 1998. Accompanied by his two loyal bodyguards, K'hoji magnanimously accepted the greetings of a crowd of several hundred as they chanted, "K'ho-ji! K'ho-ji! K'ho-ji!"

Koji's costume was a bit of happy serendipity--Koji's noggin happens to be the same size as the teddy bears that our friends Josef and Kit Matulich of Dalmation Alley Studios customize as Klingon bears.

With a bit of elastic and some gray paint, the latex Klingon "lobster-head" prosthetic fit Koji's head perfectly, and with a Klingonesque battle cloak complete with Klingon warrior insignia, Koji was almost ready to enter Marcon's popular Masquerade. Kit and Josef supplied the finishing touch: two Klingons whose uniforms and prosthetics had also been created by Dalmation Alley Studios!

As the evening Masquerade drew near, Koji napped in the laps of his bodyguards, and awoke to one of the biggest nights of his life. His stage debut was unforgettable, with eerie music playing and a spotlight illuminating the trio. The crowd went wild, and at the end of the competition, "K'hoji" was awarded a prize as "Best Of Breed"--defeating several human-type Klingons!

Thanks to Kit, Josef and Koji's bodyguards for making that wonderful night possible!


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